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Tall Polished Aluminum Trumpet Vases (25" shown - other sizes in picture below)
Candle Pedestals not included. Polished aluminum has a silver look.

6" Diameter Opening
Base is 7 1/2" diameter on 25" size

Sizes of Aluminum Vases--->>
The picture above shows the fine finish on the vases.

<---New Size - Tall 20" Aluminum Trumpet Vase
Item # 22201N
If you are looking for a silver vase ... consider that this vase looks like a silverplated vase ... but it doesn't tarnish.

6.5" opening

New! Trumpet Vases with Line Decor

Size in stock as follows:
29" Tall - Item# 51602 Size Shown ------>

24" Tall - Item# 51603

19" Tall - Item# 51604

Nickel Trumpet Vases
Only 25" Vase In stock !

7" Diameter Opening-Item h62103- Tall

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