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New! Antique Gold Candelabras

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Antique Gold for an Elegant Look

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Antique Gold finish has a more subtle look than brass. You may order one to see how it looks. Returns subjected to a 20% restocking fee.

<----NEW! 34" Antique Gold Victorian Style Candelabra with Hurricanes - In Stock
Item # h37593

Antique Gold Fluted Candelabra--->
In Stock Now

32" Tall
Bowl Extra Charge ... Not Included
Item# h 37580

<----Tall Victorian Antique Gold Candelabra with Marble Embellishment--In Stock
Total Height with Hurricanes is 35"
Item #h37591
Click Here to See High Resolution Photo

New! The Ultimate Antique Gold Candelabra
35.50" Tall
Item# h37592

In Stock Now