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Brass Candelabras
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<---36" Brass Candelabra -Sold Out and Discontinued
Bowl and 4 Hurricanes are included in price. One of our finest candelabras.

Candelabra- Item # h99567

33" Tall 5 Light Candelabra ----->
Only 6 In Stock Now

Our most popular brass candelabra and least expensive for a tall brass candelabra. Bowls for this candelabra sold separately. 5 Light Candelabra - Item #h99580
Only 6 in stock now (10/2/13) But we do have it in Antique Gold

<----36" Tall Tri-base Victorian Brass Candelabra -
The 36" tall (finished height for to the top of the hurricanes) Brass Candelabra is a very elegant look.

Bowl included plus 4 Hurricanes

Tri-base Candelabra- Item #h99563 (sold out and discontinued)

New! 48" Brass Candelabra with Hurricanes 21 In Stock Now (as of 10/2/13)--->

Bowl and 4 Hurricanes Included
Item #99499

<---19.5" Brass Candelabra (sold out and discontinued)

<--------Item # h99586